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Latest Issue: August 2014

Showcasing the UK’s rail consultancy projects for 2014 and beyond


East Coast is the premium line
Theo Steel examines ORR subsidy figures

Virgin West Coast: three more years
Tony Miles hears about Virgin’s plans

Safeguarding the travelling public
The role of the British Transport Police

Setting the pace for Pacer replacement
Could dieselised D78 stock fit the bill in the North?

Glorious South Devon
The sea wall looks tranquil in summer

Minister hails spirit of innovation
Baroness Kramer lauds those pushing the industry forward

Gravesend wins major projects award
Winners in the Railway Industry Innovation Awards

IÉ financial crisis deepens
Pay cuts are sought from the Irish rail workforce


A message from the editor

Modern Railways’ editorial view

Pan Up
Our new columnist Ian Walmsley takes a gander at a refurbished ‘317’ and takes a cynical view of HS3

Blood and Custard
A sideways look at railway life

Readers comment on topical issues around the railway today

Our monthly look at changes on the national network

Moving Wheels
Rolling stock news

In Business and small ads
Latest happenings in industry

Recent appointments

Crossrail update
The urban realm around the project’s stations is improving

Alan Williams
Our pundit reviews third-rail electrification


News Front
National Express retains Essex Thameside; rail plans in local growth funding; Cornish main line resignalling brought forward

Rail Freight
DIRFT III gets the go-ahead; a new terminal mooted for the East Midlands

Infrastructure News
Six-week blockade for the Bath line; a kilometre of ballast cleaned in a night

Informed Sources
Captain Deltic reviews the new train market and rubbishes the notion that the railway is growing everywhere

Europe View
Keith Fender presents a round-up of news from across the Channel

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