Swiss success: visual of the new trains Stadler will build for the Tyne & Wear Metro.

Stadler wins Tyne & Wear Metro order

Stadler will build a new fleet of 42 trains for the Tyne & Wear Metro after being awarded a £300 million contract by North East Transport Authority Nexus. The trains will begin arriving in 2022, with all in service by 2024. The overall programme is valued at £362 million, with £337 million of funding from Government. The order includes options for up to six additional trains to follow the initial 42.

The new trains will be walk-through five-car sets, each capable of carrying 600 passengers. Features will include air conditioning, Wi-Fi and USB charging points and a sliding step at doors to improve accessibility. They will also be fitted from the outset with on-board batteries, which will allow them to travel for 45 minutes away from overhead wires, potentially making expansion of the Metro easier and more affordable.

Stadler will build the trains in Switzerland, but with many parts coming from North East and UK companies, Nexus says. The design of the trains will be finalised this year with production starting next year. The first trains will arrive slightly later than planned in 2022, but Nexus says a ‘rapid delivery schedule’ will see the full fleet delivered by 2024. Stadler will also build a new £70 million depot on the site of the current facility at South Gosforth.

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