Out with the old: traditional semaphore signals and their colour-light replacements at Lowestoft.

Wherry lines resignalling completed

The Wherry lines between Norwich and Lowestoft/Great Yarmouth fully reopened on 24 February following completion of resignalling work.

Mechanical semaphore signalling has been replaced by a modern computer-controlled system installed by contractor Atkins and operated from the Colchester signalling centre. A 23-day blockade began at the start of February, with the Norwich to Great Yarmouth and Beecles to Lowestoft sections reopening on 17 February, followed a week later by Norwich to Lowestoft and the section between Reedham and Great Yarmouth via Berney Arms, which had been closed since October 2018.

As well as the resignalling, level crossing and track renewal works were completed along with upgrades to the swing bridges at Reedham and Somerleyton. However, the impact of recent storms meant the renewal of Postwick bridge was postponed and will be reprogrammed for a later date.

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